How Do You Use Jumper Cables?

If your vehicle is unable to start due to a dead battery then jumper cables can be a real saviour. If you turn on your car's engine and the vehicle makes a click but fails to start then this is usually a clear indication that you need jumper cables. Question is; how do you use them? A brief checklist to talk you through the jump-start procedure while you're in your hour of need...

    * The first factor to the jump-starting procedure is to get a car with a fully charged battery to help you out.

    * Straighten out the jumper cables and make sure there are no knots or ties in either cable.

    * Make sure the vehicle with the fully charged battery is parked right next to your vehicle so that the jump cables can reach both engines. You could also park both vehicles with both engines facing each other. Next, open both bonnets in order to expose the engines.

    * Locate the positive terminal of the dead battery, which should be marked with a "+" sign. Next, attach one of your jumper cables' red clips to the positive terminal. Make sure that the red clip is attached to the metal part of the terminal nub.

    * Perform the previous step to the fully charged battery; simply attach the other red clip to the battery's positive terminal, which will also be marked with a "+" sign. Once again, the red clip should be attached to the metal part of the terminal nub.

    * Attach the black clip (from the cable you just attached to the fully charged battery) to the negative terminal of the fully charged battery. This will be marked with a "-" sign.

    * Next, clip the remaining black clip to the engine block - simply clip it any piece of metal on the engine. This may trigger a spark but don't let this startle you. Be sure you aren't touching any metal parts of the engine.

    * You can now start the vehicle that has the dead battery, which should start up right away. If not, you'll probably need to look over the connections of your jumper cables.

    * Finally, disconnect all jumper cables but do this in reverse order. You should start by removing the clip that's attached to your engine block before removing the black clip on the charged battery and the one next to it. You are then ready to remove the red clip from your previously dead battery.
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