5 Car maintenance tips to help you stay safe on the road

Car maintenance

Driving a sound vehicle is a great start to keeping you, your family, and other motorists on the road safe. It’s also a bonus that safe and responsible drivers typically pay less for car insurance. Driving safely doesn’t just mean checking all of your mirrors and blind spots. Safety starts with knowing the vehicle you’re getting into.

Start with these five tips to keep you safe on the road:

Inspect your tires

Your tires can present multiple problems on the road, and if something happens to your tires at the wrong time while driving it could make for a very dangerous situation. It’s a good idea to check each one before you get behind the wheel as a simple walk around your car. You should be checking your tread regularly. Depending on your tires, you should be able to put a penny in the tread (if you can still find one) and not see the top of Elizabeth II’s head – if you can, it might be time for replacements. Not paying attention to your tire tread may cause problems in wet or snowy weather, when slipping on the road is more likely to happen.

Also double check pressure. Low pressure can indicate a problem, such as a nail or other object puncturing the tire. Purchase a tire gauge and check for levels when the weather changes. As the air gets hotter or colder, the pressure in tires can increase and decrease. Improper levels can lead to a flat, which is the last thing you need during a morning commute.

Check oil levels

An easy fix for a variety of maintenance problems is to check your oil levels on a regular basis, before a long trip and after your car has been idle for an extended period of time. As your vehicle travels along, friction in the engine creates heat that can cause damage if the engine does not have the proper amount of lubrication.

Clean the battery contacts

Coming out of work to realize your car battery is dead can be frustrating. Depending on where you’ve parked your car, it can also lead to dangerous situations or road blockages if you cannot start your vehicle. Sometimes batteries die because you left the headlights on (it happens), but sometimes functionality is interrupted by dirty battery contacts.

Clean the contacts on a regular basis using a cleaning brush to remove any corrosion. This will enhance your battery’s life and will help make sure your car always starts.

Replace windshield wipers

There’s nothing worse than driving in the pouring rain with windshield wipers that don’t do their job. Having blurred vision due to water can also lead to accidents and costly damage. Prevent this by replacing your wipers as soon as they become less effective.

Track gas mileage

Knowing how many kilometers a tank of gas gets you isn’t normally considered preventative maintenance, but it does help you keep an eye on how your vehicle is performing. If you notice a sudden decrease in the number of kilometers your getting out of a tank this could be an indication to have your vehicle looked at for servicing. Tracking mileage will allow you to have a good handle on expenses and also help you catch problems as soon as they arise.

By regularly performing these various tasks, you’ll make sure your car is in top shape while also limiting the risk of an accident or inconvenience.

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